Navajo Iewelry

Kirk Smith [ Navajo ]  Revival style; Cluster work; Casting; Concho belt.

Kingman Turquoise

[ Arizona ]

5 stona Bracelet

Gery Reeves [ Navajo ]  Revival; contemporary; hollowware; stamp work.

Pilot Mountain Turquoise

[ Nevada ]

T  Jakson [ Navajo ]   Active since 1990s


Tommy Jakson [ Navajo ]   CLassic jewelry; Chisel work; Shadow-box; inlay.

Turquoise Mountain Turquoise

[ Arizona ]

Bisbee Turquoise [ Arizona ]


Turquoise mountain Turquoise

[ Arizona ]

Derrick Gordon [ Navajo ]  Active since 1990s.  Stamp work.(Nephew of Delbert Gordon )

Pilot Mountain Turquoise 

[ Nevada ] SOLD out

King's Manassa Turquoise

 [ Colorado ]

Stamp work Bracelet

Kingman Turquoise [Arizona]

SOLD uut

Delbert Gordon [ Navajo ]  Active since 1970s.  Traditional concho belt; Bracelet ( Uncle of Derrick Godon )

Pilot Mountain Turquoise

[ Nevada ]

Stamp work Bracelet

Morenci Turquoise [ Arizona ]

Morenci Turquoise [ Arizona ]


David K. Lister [ Navajo ]

Active since :  1980s.  Nuggets; applique; turquoise; coral.

Bisbee Turquoise [ Arizona ]


David K. Lister [Navajo ]



Pilot Mountain Turquoise

[ Nevada ] Pendant

Verdy Jake [ Navajo ]

Retro style; lage stone; cluster work

Bisbee Turquoise [ Arizona } Pendant

Lyndon Tsosie [ Navajo ]   Active since 1990s.Silver,Gold,inlay,Tufa casting

Kingman Turquoise [Arizona]

Repose; Stamp work Bracelet

Bisbee Turquoise [Arizona]

Stamp work Bracelet

Gibson Nez [ Jicarilla Apache/Navajo ]   1970s~2007.12 Silver,Gold Cast and Overlay combination; stampwork; Repousse

Indian Mountain Turquoise [Nevada]

Overlay Combination Buckle

SOLD out

Overlay Combination Bracelet

Jock Favour [ Anglo ]  Classic style,Hand wrought.

Coin silver

Repose Bracelet

with Turquoise

Coin silver

Dragonfly Cross Pendant

Bennie Ration [ Navajo ]  Active since: 1960s. Fabficated; three-dimensional jewelry and figures; geometric patterns.

Number Eight Turquoise 1950s [Nevada]

Overlay Pendant

Sterling silver

Sundance Kachina doll

Number Eight Turquoise 1950s


Square Ring

Blue Gem 1950s Turquoise

[ Nevada ]

Kachina doll Pendant Sold out

Sterling silver. Turquoise Sundance Kachina Doll

Philbert Bagay [ Navajo ]  Contemporary; cast work; stippling; silver,gold.

Nevada blue Turquoise [Nevada ]

Stamp work Bracelet

Sold out

Nila Cook [ Navajo ]  Active since 1970s.

 Traditinal style

Persian Turquoise

9 stone Bracelet


ELK Skin キンチャク

Concho: Sunshaijn Reeves(NAVAJO)

ELK Skin Shoulder Bag

Special Order
Special Order